Let us contact your insurance for you.  WHY you might ask???

Insurance is confusing enough.  Our team will get to the bottom of your plan, asking questions you might miss or insurance companies fail to leave out.   We will present ALL the details of your plan to ensure the best treatment possible at cost effective prices. 

When you schedule an appointment online, you will received an intake form.  Once completed, we will begin contacting your insurance.  

On the day of your appointment: 

-We will diagnosis the root cause of your pain. 
-Discuss the amount of visits expected to meet your goals.
-Discuss what your insurance says about your diagnosis, your goals, and coverage.
-You will not be charged anything until we have made everything clear. 
-We MUST make sure we are the right fit for one another!!! If we are not, no charge to you.  The consult is free and we will help direct you to the right place. 


One-on-one care, with an FAAOMPT credentialed therapist (the highest level of training for physical therapists in the United States).   Higher quality of care leads to faster results, fewer visits, less time off work, and less overall cost out of your pocket. Have a high deductible plan, co-pay, or simply want expert level of care?  This option is for you.   $130.00 per visit


-HSA (Health Savings Account)
-FSA (Flexible Spending Account)
-Third Party Payers such as case works and lawyers