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If you're an athlete, you've come to the right place.  At Apex Manual Therapy, we treat all types of athletes from the weekend warrior to high-level competitors.  Athletes are evaluated based on requirements for their particular sport.  The primary goal of treatment is to return each athlete to their sport as quickly as possible, prevent injuries, and/or maximize performance.


At Apex Manual Therapy, a fellowship trained doctor of physical therapy will evaluate the body as a whole, diagnosing the root cause of the problem.  Each patient will be assessed on range of motion, muscle length, strength, posture, joint mobility, balance, motor control, neural tension, and sports specific mechanics. With each visit, athletes will gain a substantial amount of knowledge on anatomy, physiology, and body mechanics for their individual body type.  Our advanced therapists spend the entire visit with each patient, one-on-one.  This results in faster recovery, fewer visits, and less money spent on co-pays and deductibles.  A customized home exercise and neuromuscular re-education program will be given to each individual based on the findings in the evaluation.     


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