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Proper Hip Movement In Dancers

February 14, 2017



Importance of Proper Hip Movement among dancers



Dancers are subjected to extreme ranges of motion requiring a greater need for proper movement to prevent degenerative painful conditions and early retirement from dancing.



Signs of Hip Dysfunction


-Popping, clicking, snapping

-Sharp pain

-Numbness or tingling

-Hip feels unstable or is giving out
-Pain that increases with exercise

-Soreness lasting >45 minutes after exercise

-Altering movement to avoid pain

-Poor range of motion





Effects of Delaying Physical Therapy


-Increased degenerative changes on tissue (cartilage, bone, tendon)

-Spreading of condition to affect other parts of body (body parts are connected and function as a unit)

-Increased recovery time (the quicker dysfunctions are addressed, the faster the recovery)

-Poor movement patterns develop from compensating around pain or dysfunction

-Possible increased time away from dancing

-Increased risk of serious injury such as a fracture or ligament rupture.



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